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Oil treatment

The picture above shows how the wood appears untreated and treated with one coat of oil.

Treatment and maintenance of the wood

The wood we use is Teak, which is a wood that naturally contains oil and is therefore well suited for furniture for use outside. If desired, you can leave the wood untreated. It will then acquire a gray platinum gray color after a while. Though be aware,that the wood is more exposed to external influences if leaved untreated. 

For a more durable and resistant surface, we would recommend treating the wood with varnish or oil. There are many brands and options on the market that you can choose from.

Treatment of natural untreated teak

I. Treatment with oil:

Oil treatment will give a golden color to the surface. Wash away all the sanding dust with with a cloth. Apply  2 coats of Tea oil. Allow the oil to soak into the surface. While the surface is wet with oil - soak a 320 water sandpaper in oil and lightly drag over. This light sanding will remove wood fibers that rise up. Wipe with a lint-free cloth.


II.For a natural surface treatment:

If you want a surface that looks untreated, you can use a product such as Respect Invisible. Invisible is brushed on in 2-3 coats and provides a durable surface that protects against sun, water and spills. Food, wine and difficult stains will not stick and the surface will be easy to keep clean.


It is also possible to treat the wood in a combination treatment with both products oil + Respect Invisible for extra strong protection. First with Respect Invisible as described above and then a thin coat of Tea Oil which will give a golden colour. Wipe away oil that does not absorb. The oil treatment must be done no later than 3 days after treatment with Invisible.


Treatment of previously oiled teak 

You can either sand down the wood or treat it with a cleaning product to remove old oil residues and dirt and make the teak look like new. After the wood has dried well, the surface is treated as described above.


Treatment of the wood gives longer durability

In addition, treatment protects the wood against stains, sun and increases wear resistance.

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