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Our approach

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We believe in long-term use, reuse and responsible use of natural resources and want our furniture to please and last for many years. That is why we are not mass-producing and our furniture is made from the best quality materials. All wood used legally in the furniture industry is controlled and grown through state-owned and regulated teak plantations. We are keen to ensure sustainable and correct forest management by supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)  number 15 (b and 2) which describes sustainable management of forestry. All timber that we use in our production is approved and certified by the local authority and is supplied by State Timer Corporation Ltd, (STC) which is owned and managed by the directorate of wildlife and forestry in Sri Lanka (Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation).

STC receives timber from the forestry department, which manages the country's forest plantation areas and their work with felling trees and extraction of timber. Laviniabay has had a good cooperation with STC since 2018. 

We believe in moderation and accountability. That's why our slogan is Handcrafted with care. This means we do not waste materials, plant one new tree for every furniture that is made, take good care of our employees and hold our subcontractors accountable for their operations.  

Our wooden furniture's is made from 99.9% wood. Our motivation is to make it easy to maintain and repair the furniture and to ensure long-term use. Furthermore, when only made of wood, it is easy to rebuild or recycle the furniture in a simple and sustainable way. We support responsible consumption and production with The UN's Sustainable Development Goal 12 (a and 6) regarding sustainable consumption and production patterns in developing countries and companies that report on this.

We believe that the climate crisis is a global crisis, which cannot be solved unless the whole world contributes and we manage to even out the great inequalities in the world. That is why we also support the goal to reduce inequalities in the world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 10.3 (how to ensure equal opportunities and reduce differences in living conditions). Based on this we have chosen a country with abundant natural resources, high access to labor force and with inequalities that we can influence and try to change in the right direction. We possess local knowledge and insight, language skills and network. Our goal is  to help create jobs, contribute with tax revenue and be a good example of a responsible and well managed company. We run the company with our heads and hearts. Hence, we support to fight poverty in line with the UN SDG 1 (1.1 and 1.5)  in addition to decent work and economic growth in accordance with UN SDG (8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and 8.8 ).

We also support equality and believe in better growth and prosperity if more women are allowed to work and also take up positions as decision-makers. We are proud that our head of production in Sri Lanka is a woman. We support The UN's Sustainable Development Goals 5 (5.1 and 5.5) supporting equality between gender.

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